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  • Meet like-minded customer advocates from around the world

  • Priority access to hands-on, practical learning events and networking sessions


  • Access to invite-only networking & learning events to stretch, challenge and grow your practice

  • Hack, sprint, facilitate & design think real world challenges through immersive learning opportunities


  • Collaborate and experiment with new tools & ideas in a safe and fun environment

  • Lead peer connect sessions to explore a topic with the community and contribute to our collective learning.


Hands on, interactive events to grow your practice and apply new tools and frameworks. 

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On Demand Learning

A resource library for customer advocates. Includes seminar recordings, tools and templates

Peer Connect

Open Lunchtime conversations to explore new ideas and meet your peers

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Like your Sunday paper - but for customer advocates. A curated monthly deep dive into an aspect of our practice - packed with articles, podcasts and events. 

Your monthly CX fix - for the price of your weekly coffee run.

When you treat yourself to an annual plan