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Luke McKeown

Customer Wellbeing

Kia ora,

My name is Luke. I'm a father to two big fur babies (a Rottweiler and a Kelpie), I love photography and I'm starting to turn that into more than just a hobby, and I am passionate about people and understanding their motivations and complexities.

I was senior manager CX at Air New Zealand and worked in CX from an organisational perspective (I'm defining that as a business strategy view that advocates for co-creation of value for customers and organisations, and can manifest in products and propositions to market, or the definition and delivery of new customer journeys, for example) and at an interaction level, that has meant my work has been geared towards understanding current journey frameworks and finding pain/delight points and solving for or amplifying them.

I've worked in various industries (healthcare, insurance, aviation, academic, government) and in different capacities (management, delivery, design, analytics, historian, teacher). I love to travel and have managed over 50 countries to date (damn, the reality we are in just hit me) and have spent quite a bit of time working to rehabilitate and release previously illegally owned animals like manatees, spider and howler monkeys back into natural habitat in Central America - always love to talk about that.

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