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$199 - $498


6 Weeks

Enrolments open in July 2024

Supported access is available to students, the unwaged and those experiencing economic hardship.

About the Course

***Next cohort starts on 28 February 2024. Join us now!***

Invited to projects last minute? Struggling to unlock resources, $$ and exec attention for your work? Feeling like you're 'stuck' in research and never really get to execute on any of your work?

If this sounds familiar, your design practice needs to move beyond delivery into influencing and changing the environment around you. Navigating Human Centred Change is a self-paced, cohort based course to help you move beyond designing outputs for customers to doing jsut that - influencing the conditions that enable customer-led ways of working.

Delivered online with dedicated on demand content, you will be supported to develop a deeper understanding of your design practice, explore sense-making as the foundation for creating alignment and build out your storytelling, facilitation and reflection skills for elevating change leadership and customer impact.

Feedback from previous participants tell us that these are some of the most valuable take aways:

  • Clarity: Articulate the value your practice brings, including strength and weaknesses to better position yourself for work with and for others.

  • Competency: Understand how your work fits into the broader context of an organisation with competing priorities. Develop the mindsets, habits and perspectives that open up insight, growth and impact through your design practice. 

  • Confidence: Come together in safe spaces to connect with like-minded folk and share stories, experience and insights to lead your own change journey.

The on demand content invites you to explore mindsets, habits, perspectives and ways of seeing in your own time that open up new opportunties for insight, growth and impact in your design practice.

Through weekly live group discussions, you get the chance to deepen & diversify your learning while connecting with other community members through curated & faciliated conversation and reflection. Build momentum for action by sharing stories, experiences, tips & tricks to move beyond your current challenges and road blocks.

During the course, you'll have the opportunity to contribute to a shared learning diary to apply and embed your insights & learning into your everyday practice.

Tangible yet exploratory, this 6 week course will take you on a journey to discover your practice strength and limitations while offering opportunities for new pathways to emerge.

You can expect to invest 2-3hrs per week to complete Navgating Human Centred Change successfully.

A certificate of completion is offered to course participants who complete all on demand content and submit the correlating exercises.

The course is delivered fully online. Content is hosted on community forum using the mighty networks platfom and live sessions are run on zoom.

Session overview

Session 0 - Cohort Connect: Get to know your peers and help frame a space for safe and collaborative learning practices.

Session 1 - Practice Landscapes: Create common understanding of our practice by explore exploring the relationship between your craft and your context.

Session 2 - Sense Making: Prioritise and articulate insights in different ways to make them a meaningful tool for action.

Session 3 - Storytelling: Create the right stories for driving change. 

Session 4 - Facilitation: Explore a conversational approach to group gatherings with a shared outcome in mind.

Session 5 - Reflection: Experiment with reflection as a tool for continuous growth, iteration and interrogation of your practice.

Course Dates

February Intake

  • Wed, 28 Feb - 6.30pm-7.30pm

  • Wed, 6 March - 6.30pm-7.30pm

  • Wed, 13 March - 6.30pm-7.30pm

  • Wed, 20 March - 6.30pm-7.30pm

  • Wed, 27 March - 6.30pm-7.30pm

  • Tue, 2 April - 6.30pm-7.30pm

Additional Information

If you hold a team subscription with the CX Collective, this course may be included in your membership.

What previous attendees have said

"The course was super insightful. I loved how they broke it down into bite-sized sections and videos. Made it easy to pick up the important points right when I needed it. And really enjoyed the chat sessions, getting to share thoughts and learn from others was a great experience. Sarah is amazing, patient, kind and knows how to lead the conversation. Thank you very much!“

Melanie, UX Designer @ PushPay

“Great and practical content. Length and the level of input required are perfect for full time working professionals. I now have More tools and approaches to engage with stakeholders. I also gained more confidence from sharing similar challenges and questions with CX peers. “

Ashley, CX Designer @ Genesis

"A self-reflective opportunity to form clarity around your practise and awareness around growth opportunities"

Ezra, Senior Experience Designer @ Chorus

"A great way to connect with peers, and learn, reflect and grow."

Rob, Digital Experience Manager @ Fonterra

"the group size, session length and number of sessions were perfect, the format worked well online, the trust built over the course of the programme in the group was fantastic. Totally worth it!"

Wing, Cultural Consultant 

"I have now have better ways to explain my practice as a model and as a story - thank you!"

Jodi, Senior Service Designer @ Ara Manawa 

"This course will give you the opportunity to make conscious time to reflect on your practice, while giving you are range of tools to enhance yours and others experiences. A place to connect with like minded individuals seeking to improve and interrogate their craft. Sarah and Baruk are amazing facilitators, holding space, providing guidance and insightful stories."

Amy, Experience Designer | Agile Product Owner @ Spark 

Thank you!

This course is supported by our capability partners at Westpac New Zealand.

Your Instructor

Sarah Clearwater

Sarah is a creative strategist who is passionate about unlocking the leadership potential of designers.

Through the Navigating Human Centred Change course, she has packaged up her first set of insights from working with 20+ organisations across sector, scale and geography into an tangible yet exploratory course experience to help you fuel your growth & impact journey.

Sarah Clearwater

Download a Course Info Pack 

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